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Slimesventure, itch.io and Q4D | LSXAC-News #11

Hello Community, the time flies and the last general update post has been several months ago. In order to present the newest recent events, we present you the LSXAC-News #11.

Slimesventure: Your Destination – Update 1.2

Update 1.2 has been out for almost a month and includes many new kingdom changes like new building animations & designs for each stage, as well as bugfixes and performance improvements. You can find all the patch notes HERE.

You can download Slimesventure: Your Destination for free from Steam: HERE
On Itch.io you can also get all tilesets, sprites & spritesheets for free: HERE

Itch.io – Downloads & Views

With our Asset Packs and the new game “Mia – Run! Don’t Steal!” we have been able to accumulate a total of more than 250 downloads and more than 1600 views.

Quick4Dev – Project Details

With Q4D, our goal is to create a website where game systems can be quickly and easily learned, and where game developers can easily extend those systems and have them be part of a game. Visit the Landing Page: HERE

We would like to go public with the project already with 10 small systems, as we are usually never finished with such a principle and a release is difficult to estimate. Expected Q4 2023

This were the latest LSXAC-News #11.

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