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Participated in the ScoreSpace SpeedJam #1

Hello Community!
We participated in ScoreSpace SpeedJam #1 with “Mia – Run! Don’t steal!”. It was created within 48h and the submissions ended on 20.02.2023 GTM+1. It can be played on itch.io: here.

Who is ScoreSpace?

ScoreSpace is hosting the ScoreSpace SpeedJam #1 on itch.io. They make games for the mobile market and have hosted over 25 game jams. They are planning to make over 10+ games for the mobile market this year! Check out their website for more information about ScoreSpace.

What exactly is a GameJam?

A GameJam is a competitive event where game developers can create a game in a certain amount of time and then submit their game to a publishing platform such as itch.io. Typically, gamedevelopers rate other gamedevelopers’ games. The games are rated in different categories such as graphics, gameplay, sound or by the idea. Special prizes are awarded to the best rated games.

Our Submission

“Mia – Run! Don’t steal!” is our submission for the ScoreSpace Speed Jam #1 with the theme: Thievery. In this game you play Mia, a little thieving girl who notices a leaking waterpipe in the basement. The water keeps rising. You have to run in a 2D platformer parkour to escape the water. Because you have to run through a diversity of houses, Mia can’t keep his hands from every flower she sees and steal them while escaping. Play the game now on itch.io: Mia – Run! Don’t steal!

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