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Slimesventure: Your Destination – Update 1.2 Preview

Hello Community!
After some free time and exams at the university, we are proud to announce the next upcoming Slimesventure: Your Destination Update 1.2 Preview for our latest game. Get Slimesventure: Your Destination now for free on Steam here: Download.

This update mainly contains changes for the player kingdom area.


The area is mostly quiet and has only a few animations that can be seen on the screen. To make things livelier, we decided to add more people and animals to the environment, making the scene more interesting and appealing.

Buildings & Upgrade Levels

Most of our buildings only consist of 1-2 stages of upgrading. In this upcoming update, ALL buildings will have 3 upgradelevels.

The current upgrade/construction animation needs to be changed. So we have decided to give each individual building a unique and custom upgrade animation. This animation will be played every time that specific building is constructed / upgraded with textures that are appropriate for its current level of upgrade.

Overlay and Gameplay

The player needs to have a better view of the things that are going on in their own kingdom. The first thing we are going to change is the overlay of the kingdom itself. The current amount of each item that is stored and the amount that will be produced the next day will be designed to be cleaner and easier for the player to read. The overlay will also be smaller in general, so that it doesn’t take up as much of the screen as it did before.

In addition the overlay of the kingdom storage will have a better design and those Items can also be viewed in an additional overlay, so that you don’t need to be in the near of the storage chests anymore.

In terms of gameplay, the current combat system will be overhauled. Currently, there are points that need to be fulfilled before you can conquer the next location. These points will be changed to recommendations. So you can always start a conquest to the next location. The chance of winning the next conquest will be listed each time you are about to conquer.

To make things even more interesting, you now have to feed your soldiers on a daily basis. The time you start a conquest will also affect the chances of winning, due to fatigue and reduced visibility.

Balancing of productions and construction costs

With the upcoming update 1.2, the production of each building and its construction costs will be adjusted to provide a better player experience and make the days leading up to the King’s Assault even closer and more exciting.

The adjustments to the crafting recipes will probably be part of the next Update 1.3.

This were the latest news for the upcoming Update 1.2 of Slimesventure: Your Destination.

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