Roadmap 2024

Released – 17.01.2024
Slimesventure: YD
Update 1.5.1

This Update fixes most of the Bugs introduced in Update 1.5. It also fixes a few bugs that have been in the game for a while but were not gameplay related. There will also be improvements to the newspaper system.

Released – 08.02.2024
Slimesventure: YD
Update 1.6 – Beach

This update is about the beach and the atmosphere and the experience of being there. It will be livelier, more beautiful and more functional.

Released – 27.02.2024
Slimesventure: YD
Update – Steampage


The original trailer and screenshots on the Steam page are outdated. They need to be updated.

Released – 01.03.2024
Slimesventure: YD
Update 1.6.1

This update involves the player’s game flow. This should result in a better player experience than before.

Slimesventure: YD
End of Development

One month after releasing Update 1.6, development of Slimesventure: Your Destination will be on hold for the time being. As a result, there will be no further content updates for the time being. Updates for bug fixes will be done on an irregular basis, but will still be done when new bugs are discovered.

♡ Thanks to all people, who still play/or played ♡

Slimesventure: Your Destination 

Q2 2024
New Project
New Project

A new day, a new chance. A new project will start in Q2 2024. It will probably be accompanied by devlogs. It will not be a sequel to S:YD, but the content of the project is still unknown.

Q4 2024
New Project – Prototyp
First playable Version

It is hoped that the first playable version of the new project will be available on in the fourth quarter of 2024, before it becomes available on Steam.