Slimesventure: Your Destination – Characters

Stonemason – Eric

For a number of years, Eric lived with his family in a larger cave. His father had a keen interest in different types of stone. He used them to create quite modern art. His mother took care of their home. She was responsible for cleanliness, food and the general well-being of the family. As soon as Eric was old enough, he decided he wanted to see more than just the cave. He decided to travel and started exploring. […]

Mayor – Skelly

Many centuries ago, Skelly and his wife lived in this beautiful land. They were the only ones around, as most other people lived in larger village regions. One day, the two of them passed away together in their house, and nobody found them since they lived far away from other people.
Large machines rolled over the land, and there stood an abandoned house, grand and made of solid wood. Some machines started to reshape the landscape because a small town was planned here. The construction manager halted the demolition of the house and inspected it. He discovered two skeletons inside the building. They were both retrieved and taken to the local laboratory. There, they were examined, and the time of their passing was determined. […]

Ice sculptor – John

Many years ago, still in the time of the dinosaurs, it seems that no humans lived. The dinosaurs died during the Ice Age, but what’s this? A living person on the ice sheet? That must be John, who has been building ice sculptures for several years. He noticed that the ice sheet was melting after centuries and tried to land somewhere in one of the new unknown snowy areas. It drew him near Neutral City, namely to Soliar Sin. There, he began to make a name for himself as the best ice sculpture builder. So far, he has built two large sculptures: a huge headgear and a large sword wielded by the former king. John has earned a good reputation in Neutral City, and in his cold surroundings, he feels just as comfortable as he did in the Ice Age.

Lumberjack – Olaf

When the first construction began in Neutral City, it stopped because the wood started to run out. A few days later, Olaf received a call from his brother Ralof. Ralof told him what was happening in Neutral City. Olaf immediately agreed to set up his own lumberyard. At the risk of going bankrupt, he bought a piece of forest near Neutral City and began logging. The work proved to be so profitable that more and more people began to come to the beautiful town of Neutral City. Eventually, Olaf was able to expand and build his own logging cabin, where he still lives and works today, with the help of his brother Ralof.

Constructor – Ralof

When he was a young boy, Ralof used to build cities out of bricks – it was his favourite pastime when his father was away on a building site. His older brother, Olaf, would sit next to him and pass the bricks to him. His father always had an idea that one day he would be a master builder. When Ralof had finished school, his father sent him to work in Neutral City. He didn’t know what to do there. All he had was a small tent with a skeleton in it. His job was to build a town hall for the skeleton, whose name was Skelly. Two years later, when the town hall was ready, Skelly gave him another job, this time to build a wooden hotel for a newcomer to the town. But as there was no one who knew anything about lumberjacks, he thought of his brother Olaf, who he knew had been trained as a forester. He wrote him a teleportogram by smartphone. A few days later, Olaf arrived in Neutral City, built his little shelter, and started clearing and planting the forest – after all, it wasn’t just to be cleared. […]

Child – Timmy

In Neutral City there is a little boy called Timmy. He is the son of Tommy the cook. Timmy has no interest in cooking, although his father wants him to take over the business one day. He would rather be doing something more adventurous. Then one day, Timmy comes home to find that he has lost his little teddy bear. He runs all over Neutral City, trying to find the teddy bear everywhere, but to no avail. Timmy told his father that he was going to the Adventurers’ Guild. He hoped someone there would help him. But Timmy’s Dad knew that the Guild hadn’t been visited by anyone for years, and Timmy decided to go. Standing there day after day, Timmy never lost hope. Will someone come someday?

Cook – Tommy

In the Stone Age and beyond, people had to eat. But who was going to do it in Neutral City? None of them could cook. Everyone in Neutral City had their own job. One day a new man came to town, his name was Tommy, and he walked into the town hall with a huge bagpack, and the bagpack was steaming and smelled so good. Everyone asked what he had in it, and his answer was just sweets and treats. But what the hell are treats? They didn’t know any such thing back in Neutral City. In the end, Tommy set up a picnic in the meadow and sold his treats to the citizens of Neutral City at a low price. They came to admire what he made and came back to eat. To this day, Tommy has a restaurant of his own and a permanent place in the heart of the Neutral City community.

Newsreporter – Charls

“Booom Chaka,” came from the office on the beach. Skelly was on his walk and heard the sounds from the office and thought to himself once again, the news reporter Charles is counting the number of newspapers sold again… Skelly went into the office and asked for the sales figures, to which Charles only replied: “Cat on the town hall tower 1,000x and another break-in at the Energy store 6,000x” Skelly knew how much he liked to tell his story of how he came to Neutral City. That’s why Skelly was already prepared for a long conversation.

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