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Slimesventure: Your Destination – Update 1.6.2 Bug Destruction

Hello Slimesventure Friends!
Once again, a very long time has passed since our last update! But now it’s time again.

We start with a Slimesventure: Your Destination update, which, as announced, will mainly focus on fixing bugs so that we can concentrate on the new upcoming game.

The first post about the new game is expected to appear on our website next week, but for now, let’s take a look at the patch notes for the new Update 1.6.2 Bug Destruction:

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Patchnotes Update 1.6.2 Bug Destruction:

Critical Changes

  • After day 7, game crashed through parsing error – fixed
  • Items can be crafted without needed Resources, leaded to game crash – fixed

Graphical Changes

  • Loading Bar not visible anymore, when Newsletter appeared the next day – updated
  • Buildings lights are now visible, when the night appear – updated
  • No overwhelming lightintensity, when entering a building the first time – fixed
  • Better colors and crafting buttons in crafting menu – updated
  • Stamina bar better colors and text – updated
  • Ending credit scene had lost image – updated
  • Menu credit window now has a splash image leading to this website – added
  • Prologue sequences play now at 10 am to have a more sunny appearence – updated
  • Menu now has moving gras – updated
  • Text content and formation – updated
  • Many collision, layer and lightning bugs – fixed

Functional Changes

  • Wheater doesn’t have the same typ two days in a row. – updated
  • Opening different panels in main menu causes overlaping, if not disabling the previous one – fixed
  • First day starts now at: 6am -> 10am – updated
  • “Tell me the next day” – Wizard – removed
  • Stamina is now first fully regenerating, when fully used – added

Audio Changes

  • Atmosphere does now play in loop, to prevent silence – updated
  • Music plays at day start and at 6pm switching to night music – updated
  • Slime jumping sound, doesn’t play anymore, when time is stopped (Menus, Dialogues…) – updated

Thanks as always to all people, who play Slimesventure: Your Destination!

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