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Slimesventure: Your Destination – Update 1.6.1 Beach Additions

Hello Slimesventure Friends!
The last update that will be published currently, is now online!

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Patchnotes Update 1.6.1 Beach Additions:

Graphical Changes

  • Hotel got more decorated – updated
  • Fredo (finally) got an own Characterdesign – added
  • Spruce Tree- and Snowy Variation Animation – added
  • Beach Decoration – updated
  • Transition Overlay – updated
  • 8 AM Text in Prologoe to 6 AM – updated
  • Soliar Sin Trainstation Layer Bug – fixed

Functional Changes

  • Chefcook – normal talk – added
  • Exotica Character – Removed
  • Exotica Items moved to Beach-Bar – updated
  • Upgrade Menu doesn’t open in Kingdom – fixed
  • Navigation disabled, when no quest activ – updated
  • Fredo can not be talked to – fixed

Thanks as always to all people, who play Slimesventure: Your Destination!

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