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Whispering Island | Update Log 1

Hello Community, as we announced earlier, here is: Whispering Island | Update Log 1.

In this post we summarise the core elements of the new game, which we expect to release in 2025. Before that, there will of cause, be test versions available for beta testers on Itch.io to get proper feedback.


The Game Concept

A brief summary of the new game:

Whispering Island is an endless survival challenge where the player must feed a monstrous floating island with animals or building resources to prevent it from hunting the player. The resources are harvested and found by the floating islands, which can be found all over the place.

In the new game, you will also be hunted by time. So you should always choose your next move carefully. The first test versions are already in the works. So the next update log should not be long in coming.

Engine Switch

Our first commercial game – Slimesventure: Your Destination – was developed using the Unity Game Engine and has always lived up to expectations. For the new game, however, we decided to change the game engine and switched to the Godot Game Engine. With its playful design, small engine size and much faster compile rates, Godot is a better fit for our game development ambitions. So “Whispering Island” is being developed in Godot 4.x using C#.

Providing used Systems

According to the paragraph above, the newly developed systems will also be available to the community. It is well known that Godot offers less help and system solutions with C# than with GDScript. For this reason, we would like to make our systems available, along with instructions on how to program them yourself.

This will happen in Q3 2024 at the earliest, as the current systems are not marketable.

Internal Surveys

The concept of Whispering Island has been finalised, so we are now in the process of expanding the features, presentation and game flow. We have started internal polls to get as many opinions as possible and not spoil too much at the beginning.

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