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S:YD Trailer & Update 1.6.1 | LSXAC-News #14

Hello Community, in order to present the newest recent events, we present you the LSXAC-News #14.

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S:YD – Trailer

The time of Slimesventure: Your Destination is coming to an end, so it was time to update the Steam page. This includes a new trailer that better reflects the current state of the game, as well as some screenshot adjustments.

Please note that bugs and issues will continue to be worked on and will be released on an irregular basis.

S:YD Update 1.6.1 Beach Additions (Preview)

In response to user feedback, the latest content update will focus on bug fixes and some graphical tweaks. Text adjustments and some additions. Update 1.6.1 Beach Additions is expected to be released on 01.03.2024 with the corresponding changelog.

Thanks as always to all people, who play Slimesventure: Your Destination!

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