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Slimesventure: YD – Asset Packs Split

Hello Community!
There’s news on Itch.io! The Slimesventure: YD – Asset Packs has been updated and has been split into a separate Asset Pack!

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Overview – S:YD Asset Packs


Some Asset Packs have been defined as Branch Packs, such as the Simly2D – Habour, Wooden Houses or Interior Asset Packs are now nicknamed: Slimesventure: YD – X Pack.

Better Overview

In order to provide you with a better overview of the
Slimesventure: YD – Main Pack, we have decided to move the kingdom buildings to an external asset pack. This will make the main pack smaller and the buildings easier to find.

Duplicated Assets

There was also a discovery that some of the textures were duplicates of other asset packs. So the packs have been scanned once and the duplicate files have been sorted out or moved to the appropriate pack. For example, decorations that already exist in the S:YD – Interior Pack.

These were the updates from itch.io. Don’t forget to check out the WinterLife Update 1.5 – Preview.

Thanks as always to all people, who play Slimesventure: Your Destination & to all people, who uses our Asset Packs!

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