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Itch.io, Update 1.5 and Support Pack Release | LSXAC-News #12

Hello Community, in order to present the newest recent events, we present you the LSXAC-News #12.

S:YD Update 1.5 WinterLife – Release Date

The expected date for the release of the WinterLife 1.5 update has been set and will be the 19th of December 2023! We would like to apologise for any short term delays due to illness in our team. See the Patchnotes: Here

S:YD Supporter Pack – Release Date

19.12.2023 is also the expected release date for the Support Pack. Due to possible delays caused by Steam, it is possible that the date could be pushed back by a few days, but this is unlikely.

Itch.io – Downloads & Views

The numbers on Itch.io are also growing. We recently received over 2400 calls and over 400 downloads of our asset packs. Check out our Itch.io Content: Here

Donations & Exclusiv Insights

We have also expanded our range of donation options to include Ko-Fi! Patreon and Ko-Fi will now be the first place you go for the latest updates, followed by our website. Get exclusive insights on Ko-Fi and Patreon that nobody else is getting! Check our Ko-Fi: Here, and our Patreon: Here.

Check all of our Donation & Support Methods out: Here

This were the latest LSXAC-News #12.

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