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Hello Community!

From now on, each Friday at 8pm GMT+1, there will be a news post which reflects the events and results of the recent week.

  • Simly2D Basic – Update [V1.1] Released
    After a very long time, we finally continue with updating our asset packs. Therefore, we have released an Update for one of our free Packs.
    Check out itch.io: here

  • Release of Slimesventure: Your Destination shifted
    Our game: Slimesventure: Your Destination had to be rescheduled due to upcoming semester exams. During the development period, we also had to come up with new ideas, so we decided to shift the game by ~3 months into September. It is important to us that the game is functional and at the same time attractive. As a small team, this is usually not that easy in a short time.

  • Summer Sale 2022 on Itch.io
    From Tuesday the 21.06.2022 @7pm until Thursday the 7.7.2022 @7pm, there will be another offer period. 50% off every item and when you buy the whole bundle it will be 59% off!
    You can Check out the Sale: here

These were the most recent news.