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Hello Community!

  1. Simly2D Wooden Houses Pack – Update [V1.1] Released
    Using houses for decoration is a good thing. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could also enter them? With the new V1.1. you get the textures of the houses from the inside and from the outside! Work with several layers or the Y-coordinate to make a 2-dimensional room look 3-dimensional. Check out itch.io: here

  2. Indoor Asset Pack less buyprice
    The Indoor Asset Pack is now 1€ permanently cheaper, as the update will probably not be released for a couple of months, which makes it not worth the previous purchase price.

  3. Summer sale on Itch.io is running
    As already announced, there is now a summer sale on itch.io. Check it out and get up to 59% discount!

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