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Hello Community!

After a period of exams and vacations I’m back with new information regarding Slimesventure and other projects.

  1. Slimesventure: Your Destination 60+ Wishlist
    On 24.04.2022 the Steampage for Slimesventure went online and until today Slimesventure is more than 60 times on the wishlist. On average this would be about 4 additions to the wishlist per week.

  2. New Asset Pack publications and Updates are delayed
    Since the release of Slimesventure is in the near future, all releases are postponed until after the release of Slimesventure.

  3. Unity Systems and Projects
    After the release of Slimesventure, some of the systems and textures used will be made available. More information about the usage and the price will follow in the near future.

This was the latest news.