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itch.io Sale and Slimesventure Asset-Pack | LSXAC-News #10

Hello Community!
This week we offer the new Slimesventure Asset-Pack and a new Sale on itch.io, the All Out Sale 2022!

Slimesventure Asset-Pack

In the near future, the assets of Slimesventure: Your Destination will be offered for sale. The price will be around 9.99€ and will include all tilesets, textures and other graphic elements that may only be available in Unity, such as UI elements that cannot be exported. Other elements that are included in the UI will also be available as textures. Check my Itch.io to get the Slimesventure Asset-Pack: here.

Itch.IO All Out Sale.  60-80%

There is currently a sale on all asset packs with 60% discount! If you buy all asset packs as a bundle, you get up to 80% off ($4.99). The sale runs until 30.10.2022 at 8pm GTM+1. Check it out here.

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