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Environment, Character and Animations.


OOTB Systems and

External Code.


Self Created Storylines


Reposting User Created Content

Missing Assets?

Who doesn’t know it. You’re completely relaxed in your element, in the flow of your game and you want to push your development further. But suddenly, you shudder. Another important essence is missing in order to plan a step further.
Whether it is this annoying texture again, or a code snippet that still has gaps and bugs from last weekend.

We Give You – Game Assets

Dear Friend, we can take some pressure off you. Just take your missing Assets from us – Leon Schröder Asset Creations.

From A-Z, our collection is stocked and designed for your use. We can provide you with the tools, so that you don’t have to interrupt your inspiration and flow of working.

(i) Our collection is under development and is not entirely built from any point of view yet.

Free Assets – By Request

If you need something special that is not yet in our collection, please feel free to email us at: Changes@Leon-Schroeder.net. We’ll make sure that you and many others get a dedicated element, so they don’t have to struggle anymore.

(i) Requested Assets are only for the general public Free.

(ii) Custom created Elements for companies commercial use, need to be paid.