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Basic Pack

A simple landscape, available with Simly2D.You get a tileset with the necessary textures to decorate it. Build your own game world, in a simple style. Be creative and be one who makes it simple.

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Simly2D – Castle Pack

Welcome to the Middle Ages! Additionally to the Basic Pack you also receive a simple castle! Relive the forgotten times and build your own walls.

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Simly2D – Farm Pack

Howdy, wanna have a piece of wheat? Try adding a little more farming and agriculture to your game world. Save a simple life for you and your players and start planting.

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Simly2D – Wooden Houses Pack

What is more exciting than having one house? Having 6 houses! Simply add 6 variations of a house to your current game world and make it more interesting!

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Simly2D – Habour Pack

A gentle breeze blows over your skin. Metal greets your ears. A harbour catches your eye. You definitely want a harbour when you have a coast in your game world!

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Simly2D – Wooden Indoor Pack

With the Simly2D Home Indoor Asset Pack, you receive a complete Room Decoration Pack to Customize your building from inside! To make your Gameworld even more interesting!

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Simly2D – Christmas Edition 2021

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow. Winter is coming to Simly2D. Get it for Free and save some cold Assets for your Project!

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HiHo2D – Basic Pack

An ongoing near realistic pixelart landscape, crossed with the according textures to decorate it. Build your game world and be with the middle resolution of HiHo2D.

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